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Beaded Bracelets

All sizes of Beaded Bracelets made of Natural or Modified Baltic Amber with No Addictives. 


Silver Jewellery

Wide range of: necklaces, bracelets, brooches, pendants and earrings with Baltic Amber and Silver 925. 


Unique Natural Pendants

Rare Pieces of Raw Amber Pendants, ideal for collectors. Each Item is unique and comes with Amber natural shape. 



Various colors and bead sizes.  Prayer Beads. 


Raw Amber 

Items made with Raw, polished or non-polished Amber in its natural, irregular shape. Avaiable in different sizes.  


Unique Handmade Items

Personalized Jewellery or sculprutes handmade from unique pieces of 100% Natural Amber

The full offer:

  • Beaded Bracelets made of Natural Amber

  • Beaded Amber Bracelets- subjected only to high-pressure treatment with no additional components

  • Raw/ Polished Loose  Amber Beads- different sizes and colours 

  • Beaded Bracelets with Customized shape 

  • Various Pendants: Raw Amber, Polished/ Shaped Amber, Unique pieces, Insects Inclusions

  • Silver Jewellery with Natural Amber ( Silver 925 or Gold Pleated Silver – yellow gold or white gold can be adjust for customization)

  • Small Sculptures made of Amber ( Handmade by craftsman) 

  • Customized Pieces of Jewellery or Sculptures – upon request

  • Collections for Men: Signets, tie clips, cufflinks, raw Amber bracelets, pendants

  • Corporate Gifts - Pens, Pendrives, Sculptures 

  • Teething Amber Necklaces for Babies 

  • Rosaries 


Teething Necklaces

Teeting Necklaces and bracelets for babies and kids for protection and healing purposes.


Handmade Figurines

Handmade Figures and Sculptures from big pieces of natural Amber. 


Amber Trees

Beautful Home Decor Amber Trees made of Amber, Metal and Wood. 

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